Tuesday, December 27, 2016

"After hearing the story of Secret Superstar, I wanted to cry"- Aamir Khan
After DangalAamir Khan's next film is going to be Secret Superstar, which is directed by Advait Chandan.  Aamir just launched the film’s teaser. When quizzed about his role, he said, “My character is very interesting. Daal mein jo tadka hota hai na? Mera kirdaar is film mein tadka hai. Yeh bahut alag role hai. Aisa role maine aaj tak nai kiya hai."


The story of the film revolves around a mother and her daughter, who wants to become a singer. Aamir will be an integral part of the story.


Aamir said that he wasn't sure about doing the film. “This character is very different from me. So I asked Advait to do my screen test. When I was sure that I could do it, only then did I decide to do the character," said the superstar. He further added, "After hearing the story, I wanted to cry. So I went into the washroom… I asked Advait when he wanted to start the film."


The film releases on August 4, 2017

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