Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Movie Review: Tezz


If you don’t believe me, watch Tezz at your own risk. The film is a mishmash of such Hollywood actioners like Speed, Unstoppable and The Taking Of Pelham 123. In fact, fellow reviewers and I had a gala time guessing which scene was copied from which film.

The plot has more holes than seven-year-old Swiss cheese. Why was Anil Kapoor called back on his retirement day to face a fresh crisis? Why did Ajay Devgn, Zayed Khan and Sameera Reddy–all illegal immigrants–suddenly decide to become terrorists? Couldn’t they have reacted differently to counter the so-called atrocities against them? They were illegal immigrants, right? So how can they expect to be left alone by the police? And best of all, everyone dealing with the crises is an Indian. We didn’t know that Indians ran British rail and police systems.

The screenplay by Robin Bhatt  and dialogue by Aditya Dhar also leave much to be desired. This is their second disastrous team up with Priyadarshan after Aakrosh and the director should seriously think of replacing his writing team. After Ajay and Zayed buy a bomb from a spurious arms dealer, they enter a den where they are treated to a buxomy dance number by Mallika Sherawat and suddenly Sameera Reddy is also introduced in the same sequence. Then there is a lengthy flashback sequence involving Ajay and Kangna. When they finally meet after four years their meeting looks stilted and artificial. The distinct lack of chemistry between the two jars.

The high-speed chase sequences featuring Sameera and Zayed are the saving grace of the film. Mention must be made of poor Mohanlal who, being Priyadarshan’s best friend, appears in a small cameo, where he rescues fellow passengers. It would have helped if Priyadarshan had cut the flab and made the film more slick. The dialogue is unwittingly hilarious and takes the punch out of the taut drama. The Hindi subtitles too aren’t translated properly and this sort of goof up is unpardonable from such a prestigious banner.

Your heart goes out to Anil, Ajay and Boman who have desperately tried to salvage the film with their inspired histrionics. Alas, their efforts aren’t enough and watching Tezz makes you want to run away from your seat, much like the much-feared locomotive featured in the film.

By: Raghuvendra Singh

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